Department of Defense.

OUSD (A&S) Financial and Budget Support (FABS)

 IPTA supports OUSD(A&S) in performing acquisition oversight and programmatic evaluation of Defense Acquisition Programs, Information Systems, and other OSD and DoD programs, including the planning, programming, budgeting, execution, and analysis of A&S’ core programs and other related funds. IPTA provides Financial and Budget Support (FABS) for Activities, Programs, and Program Elements (PEs) assigned to OUSD(A&S) Component organizations including the A&S Director of Business Operations; Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition (ASD(A)); Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) for Platform and Weapon Portfolio Management; and the ASD for Industrial Base Policy. Our analysts support all phases of Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System (PPBES) activities for assigned programs, projects, and PEs, including analysis of the Services and Component Program Objective Memorandum (POM), Budget Estimate Submission (BES), Program Budget Review (PBR) and President’s Budget (PB) submissions; coordination and consolidation of comments and findings to brief OUSD(A&S) staff and leadership; analysis of Defense appropriation and authorization documents to support quick reaction responses to programmatic and fiscal changes; and budget and spend plan development, execution and tracking for designated A&S budget accounts.

DoD Director of Administration & Management, Vietnam War Commemoration (VWC))

IPTA Provides operational mission support to the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration mission of honoring Vietnam Veterans, including Commemoration event planning and coordination, Commemorative Partner outreach, historical research, analytical support, media publications and office administration support. Our analysts help expand the network of Commemorate Partners and work with them to plan and execute events honoring Vietnam veterans and their families, including logistical support and coordination. We ensure consistent branding of the VWC mission through development of marketing and promotion products and provide multimedia support including video/audio recording of Veteran oral history interviews, video editing and production, staff photography of Veteran commemorative events and building/maintaining the VWC social media campaign. We perform historical research and create graphics-intensive informational products to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the service of our Vietnam War veterans. Our team collects, analyzes, and distributes Veteran contact statistics and continually refines measurement tools and metrics to assess VWC progress towards meeting Congressional objectives and to inform future VWC outreach strategy.

OUSD Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (AT&L) Technical, Analytical, and Administrative Support

IPTA delivered a full range of acquisition professional and executive-level mission support services on behalf of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (OUSD) for Acquisition Technology and Logistics (AT&L) and subordinate components including program management, acquisition program analytical support, financial management, and budget administration, executive administrative and security support. IPTA provided a staff of 70 full-time equivalents (FTE) analysts across 40+ AT&L Directorates and Component offices supporting the AT&L enterprise in the execution of its DoD 5000 Defense Acquisition System (DAS) oversight role spanning the entire spectrum of DoD acquisition and sustainment efforts. IPT provided the expertise to complement AT&L inherent resources for effective mission accomplishment and continuity, interacting daily with senior officials in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Joint Staff, Defense Agencies, Military Services, Combatant Commands, US and foreign industry and Congressional staffs.

Office of Military Commissions (OMC) Defense Travel Administration

IPTA supported the Department of Defense Office of Military Commissions (OMC) mission for conducting enemy combatant trials at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GTMO). The Convening Authority (CA), which also is the Director of the Office of Military Commissions, is responsible for all legal services performed within the OMC. Our Defense Travel Administrators Coordinated all CONUS and OCONUS travel and Defense Travel System support to the Convening Authority, Military Commissions Defense Organization, and Victim/Witness Assistance Program staff, as well as any travel requirements for non-federal Government participants in trial proceedings. Our OMC team coordinated all travel arrangements to GTMO for both DoD and non-DoD personnel, as well as the unique logistics planning and support aspects of hosting OMC teams on-island, including witnesses and Victim Family Members (VFMs) associated with trial proceedings.

Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) Grants Management Support

IPTA supported OEA’s mission to assist states and communities in planning and executing local adjustment strategies in response to DoD action and policy changes that adversely impact those communities. These efforts help states and communities affected by base closures, realignments, and reductions in defense industry employment; where the expansion of the local military installation significantly increases the demand for public facilities and services; or where community development and encroachment threaten the mission of an installation.

IPTA provided a full range of in-house grant management support services to the Compliance & Integration (C&I) team at OEA including administration of grants, cooperative agreements, or other related Federal assistance instruments and compliance with Federal and DoD guidance and Regulations; making recommendations to OEA staff regarding process improvements and internal grant administration; collaborating with grantees and project managers throughout the life cycle of the grant award and funding to ensure the proper and appropriate use of funds and recommend grant activities to ensure compliance; and review of desktop procedures for grants administration, end-to-end narratives, user guides and other documentation for both internal OEA staff and OEA grantees.