United States Air Force.

AETC Financial Management Tools Suite (AFMTS)

On AETC Financial Management Tools Suite (AFMTS) project, IPTA provides AETC with business process and software integration support, Microsoft (MS) Standard Query Language (SQL) Server database administration, software system maintenance, and server administration support for the AFMTS, which includes the Temporary Duty Travel (TDY)-To-School Management Information System (TTSMIS). IPTA personnel also provide maintenance support for locally developed MS Access databases, and other Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) products that aid in the AETC/FM accounting, reporting, and budgeting processes.

Air Force Enterprise Configuration Management Office (AFECMO) Support Services

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC), Maxwell AFB – Gunter Annex, Alabama manages the Air Force Enterprise Configuration Management Office (AFECMO) with direct oversight from the Enterprise IT and Cyber Infrastructure Division (HNI). The AFECMO mission is to ensure a worldwide standard Air Force operating environment for real-time, secure access to information to increase control, consistency, and reduce costs through enterprise configuration management. IPTA supports the AFECMO program office with enterprise network architecture planning and design, design and development of software applications packages, applications and technical integration testing, enterprise network applications deployment, to include Standard Desktop Configuration (SDC) Operating System Deployment and managed migration solutions, and information assurance certification and accreditation related services to support the Air Force and Department of Defense.

Air Force National Capital Region IT (AFNCR-IT) Services

The 844th Communications Group (844 CG) is responsible for the implementation, sustainment, and management of information systems for Headquarters Air Force (HAF), Air Force District of Washington (AFDW), Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Joint Chiefs of Staff, and other Air Force activities throughout the Air Force National Capital Region (AFNCR), to include the Pentagon, Joint Base Andrews (JBA), Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB) and other locations, leased spaces, and alternate sites. IPTA is teamed with Leidos to deliver focused IT services to the AFNCR. A primary technical area of responsibility for IPTA is operations support of a 24/7/365 Network Control Center (NCC) for the AFNCR, where we monitor, maintain, and report enterprise network, operations, and production efforts required to meet the mission requirements of AFNCR organizations. Our NCC team performs all primary troubleshooting, software distribution, and updating activities, domain device management, performance monitoring, and coordination with AFNCR-affiliated networks.


ScheduleWatch is a suite of Air Force applications (web apps and client apps) that support the systems engineering lifecycle (architecture, requirements, development, configuration, test, and project management) for the 76th Software Engineering Group (SWEG) at Tinker AFB across multiple aircraft and engine platforms such as B-2, B-1, TF-33. IPTA engineers successfully translated the architecture and internal processes of a 20-year-old suite of financial and scheduling applications to a functioning application in the cloud, coordinating closely with customer stakeholders on both the fuzzy-front-end of application analysis and training them in Microsoft Azure and Azure DevOps best practices. IPTA applied proven commercial cloud application migration processes to the Air Force’s capability requirements while aligning with core Air Force CloudOne processes, approaches, standards, and guardrails. IPTA also integrated with and lead the “Iterative or Rolling ATO” process.

Acquisition App Store

As part of the Air Force’s transitions towards a cloud-integrated, shared-services IT strategy, IPTA’s engineers are developing the Acquisition “App Store” (formerly known as the Acquisition Workbench), the technological centerpiece for future AF Acquisition and Logistics communities. The Microsoft SharePoint-based Acquisition App Store serves as the interface for the integration platform for AF acquisition business systems. The Acquisition Workbench’s customizable “app store” model enables a work environment that delivers enterprise shared-services, enhanced analytical capabilities, improved customer services, and decision-ready information for AF leadership. The Acquisition App Store is a Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) approved platform with inherited security, ready for additional applications.

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Acquisition Support

IPTA provided wide-ranging Acquisition support services across multiple programs within the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Program Offices at Hanscom AFB, Eglin AFB and Wright-Patterson AFB. IPTA analysts and engineers provided program management, engineering, and technical analytical support across a portfolio of AFLCMC weapon system acquisition programs. We delivered Systems, Electro-optic Sensors and Digital Avionics Engineering; Test & Evaluation; US and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Acquisition Program Management; Acquisition Logistics; and Network & Computer Systems Administration support to a diverse range of aircraft programs (F-15 Infrared Search Track, AC-130J Gunship, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter), weapons programs (Joint Direct Attack Munitions, Small Diameter Bomb), countermeasures programs (Miniature Air Launched Decoy/Jammer), and test range infrastructure programs (Air Force Sub Scale Aerial Targets, Gulf Range Drone Control Systems) and the associated acquiring organizations. Over the years, IPTA’s technical development, planning and acquisition documentation support contributed to successful Major Milestone Decisions on numerous Air Force Acquisition Category (ACAT) I-III Weapon System Programs.

Air Force Distributed Common Ground System (AF DCGS) Engineering Support

IPTA provided systems integration, software development, technical analysis, and C2ISR (Command and Control, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) support to the AFLCMC Software Engineering Directorate (SED) for the Air Force Distributed Common Ground System (AF DCGS). AF DCGS, also referred to as the AN/GSQ-272 SENTINEL weapon system, is the Air Force’s primary ISR collection, processing, exploitation, analysis, and dissemination system. The weapon system employs a global, network-centric architecture which enables real-time information sharing and data integration for multiple intelligence platforms and sensors around the world. IPTA also supports the DCGS Forward Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (FPED) subsystem.. The FPED subsystem provides the Air Force intelligence analyst with capability to capture, exploit, and disseminate intelligence products. IPTA’s AF DCGS projects include AF DCGS Dashboard Support, AF DCGS Release Process Automation, AF FPED COBWeb Development, and AF FPED Public Key Enablement (PKE) Support.

The System Metric and Reporting Tool (SMART)

IPTA designed, developed, and managed the System Metric and Reporting Tool  (SMART) for the Air Force Acquisition enterprise.  SMART is a web-based application providing acquisition program health and status information and an overarching knowledge management tool suite for senior Air Force leaders and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.  SMART was the first cross-PEO program in the Air Force to streamline program oversight, providing a 24/7 dashboard to DoD users and delivering transparency into USAF programs with authoritative, credible, and real-time information for senior-level decision-making.  SMART was subsequently declared a USAF “Core System” supporting over 20,000 Air Force and DoD users.